MAP Glassworks LLC
MAP Glassworks is a custom glass and design company focused on the creation of unique and functional home decor pieces. Each glass piece is designed and hand fabricated by artist/owner Michael Potecha in his lower Manhattan studio. The work is made from both repurposed architectural glass and fine art glass. The images are created using enamel glass powder baked into the surface. As a result of the kiln firing process much of the tableware is food, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Michael A. Potecha

I have been drawing what I see in life and from my imagination since I could hold a pen. I have long been inspired by the intensity of nature and my travels.  For years I’ve been drawing portraits of people I see as I go about my day. Much of the time, I leave them unfinished, allowing each sketch to capture a fragment in time. Lately my drawing style has been inspired by the fluidity and simplicity of Japanese Sumi painting. 


For the last eight years my drawing passion has been channeled into creating images on glass. I am obsessed with the potential of this material because unlike paper, glass offers greater potential dimension. By layering glass powders, fusing different colors of glass and melting glass into forms I obtain a richer level of depth, color and value than paper can provide. Glass is inherently in tune with the beauty and power of light and its possibilities are endless.